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B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting

B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting will be held on May 31, 2016 in Paris, France.

At the Meeting, the B20 Taskforces will discuss, improve and consolidate the related policy recommendations, and will finalize the draft of B20 Policy Paper. The Meeting also aims to improve interaction between B20 and relevant international organizations.

Chairs, co-chairs, network partners, knowledge partners and members of B20 Taskforces as well as trade ministers of G20 member governments, representatives of international organizations will attend the meeting. The total number of participants is expected to be around 200.




May 31, 2016



Roundtable on Financing SMEs in Global Value Chains

(by invitation only )   

Venue: Room CC10, OECD Conference Centre


Taskforce Breakouts I (private session, in parallel)

Venue: OECD Conference Centre/ International Energy Agency(IEA)   

-Trade and Investment Taskforce (Room CC20-22)

-Infrastructure Taskforce (Room CC11)

-Employment Taskforce (Room 2, IEA)   


Taskforce Breakouts II (private session, in parallel)

Venue: OECD Conference Centre

-Financing Growth Taskforce (Room CC10)

-SME Development Taskforce(Room CC11)


Plenary Session

Venue: Amphitheatre 1, OECD Conference Centre

Senior representatives from G20, OECD, B20 and BIAC will focus on the role B20 plays in the global economic governance, and how it should cooperate with G20 to build a better business environment.   


Panel Discussion of Taskforces

Venue: Amphitheatre 1, OECD Conference Centre

Representatives from 5 B20 taskforces will introduce their policy recommendations   respectively and interact with the audience.


OECD Conference Centre - 2, rue André Pascal 75016 Paris 

International Energy Agency(IEA) - 9, rue de la Fédération 75015 Paris

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Participants' Guide

B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting Administrative Circular on Logistic Arrangement.pdf


The B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting will be held on May 31, 2016 in Paris, France.

The B20 China Taskforces will discuss and refine the final draft of the Policy Paper of each taskforce, and prepare for the final B20 Policy Recommendations to the G20.

Chairs, co-chairs, members of B20 Taskforces, network partners and knowledge partners as well as trade ministers of G20 member governments, representatives of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will attend the meeting. The total number of participants is expected to be around 200.



2.1 Dates

The B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting will commence on the morning of 31st May 2016.

2.2 Program

A detailed program of the B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting will be posted on website (www.b20-china.org) and forwarded to all participants separately by email.

Note: Snack Lunch will be served for the participants who attend the full day program on 31 May 2016.


3.1 Address

The B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting will be held at the Conference Center of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development( OECD) .

Address: 2, rue André Pascal 75016 Paris Cedex 16 France.

Tel: +33 1 45 24 82 00

Fax: +33 14524 8500

Website: http://www.oecd.org

3.2 Layout of the Perimeter of the Meeting Venue



4.1 Participant Accreditation

4.1.1 Applicants are requested to fill out the online application forms which will be reviewed and approved by the B20 2016 Host Committee.

4.1.2 www.b20-china.org is the only official website and access to application and accreditation for the B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting. Application and accreditation via any other website, organization, individual or approach is invalid.

4.1.3 Applicants are requested to fill out the application and accreditation form after receiving the linkage to the application form web page, which is sent by email from the B20 2016 Host Committee

4.1.4 Online application is open before 24:00, 15th May 2016 (Beijing Time). Participants are suggested to apply for accreditation via the online accreditation portal as early as possible.

4.1.5 In order to ensure that all information provided is accurate, please read the notes and requirements on each webpage carefully when filling out application form.

4.1.6 Complete and accurate application information is the key criteria for accreditation.

4.1.7 Once the application information is successfully submitted, the accreditation status of the participant will be informed by email b20membercode@ccpit.org from the B20 2016 Host Committee and a confirmation letter will be emailed to the participant by b20membercode@ccpit.org if application is approved.

4.2 Badge Collection

4.2.1 Each participant must present your original passport and printed confirmation mail when collecting the badge. For security reasons, please wear your badge at all times during the meeting.

4.2.2 Place of badge collection: The registration counter is on the ground floor of the OECD Conference Center (Address: 2, rue André Pascal 75016 Paris Cedex 16 France).

4.2.3 Opening hours for badge collection: 7:45am-16:30pm on 31 May, 2016.

4.2.4 If for some reason the participant needs a representative to collect his/her badge, the representative must present the both participant’s and his/her own passports and printed confirmation mail.

4.2.5 The security perimeter: An external security perimeter is set up by the French police around OECD Conference Center. All participants are requested to take and present his/her passport and printed confirmation mail when entering the Conference Center.

4.3 Limited Use of Participant’s Personal Information

The B20 2016 Host Committee will collect and record participant’s information for the purposes of accreditation, badge making and logistical arrangements relating to B20 China Second Joint Taskforce Meeting. The personal information will be protected and accessible to only particular personnel of the B20 2016 Host Committee.


English is the working language. Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation will be provided in the plenary session.


There is no recommending hotel for the participants. Participants are suggested to take care of their accommodations and transportation by themselves as early as possible. The meeting is to be held during the peak season of tourism and conferences in Paris. The local hotel accommodation and transportation are limited. Should you need any assistance, please contact the China Global Business International Travel Service which can provide services such as airline tickets and hotel reservation, vehicles renting, airport pick-up, dining and tourism consultation, etc.

Contact persons:

Mr. Yang Guanrong. Tel: +8610-82217211; mobile phone: +8618519867226;  

email: yangguanrong@ccpit.org

Mr. Sun Weiyong.  Tel: +8610-82217218;  mobile phone: +861391029870;

email: sunweiyong@ccpit.org


7.1 Airports Information

Aéroport international Charles de Gaulle (CDG Roissy) is located in Roissy, 25 km to the northeast of Paris, and there is one hour driving from the airport to Paris.

Aeroport de Paris-Orly (ORY Orly) is situated in the southern district of Paris (Zone 4), 13 km away from downtown Paris, which was the main airport of Paris before the construction of Aéroport international Charles de Gaulle, about 30 minutes’ driving from Paris.

7.2 Customs

According to French regulations, when entering and exiting France an individual can carry no more than 10,000 euros by cash. The excessive sums of cash will be confiscated by customs once discovered. In addition, there is a crackdown on bringing fake brand products (leather bags, watches, etc.) to France, and fine will be charged once caught.


8.1 Paris

Paris, the capital of the Republic of France, the largest city in France and the second largest city of Europe, is the French political, economic, cultural and business center of France. It is one of the four international metropolises.

Located in the central of Paris Basin to the north of France, Paris spans across the Seine, with a history of over 1400 years as the national capital. It is not only the political, economic and cultural hub in Western Europe, but also a tourist destination, the renowned city of art in the world, the cradle of the impressionism, the birthplace of ballet, the center of the European Enlightenment Movement, the home of films and the birth land of the modern Olympic Games. As the city of culture in the world, there are a lot of scientific institutions, research institutes, libraries, museums, cinemas, theatres, and concert halls all over the city.

8.2 Weather

The average highest and lowest temperatures of Paris in May are 19 °C (66.2 °F) and 10.5 °C (50.9 °F). Participants are advised to take spring clothes.

8.3 Time Difference

Paris is carrying out daylight saving time, 1 hour before GMT, and 6 hours after Beijing Time in May.

8.4 Currency and ATM Service

The official currency of France is euro due to its membership of EU. Currency exchanges are usually available at airports, train stations, currency exchange counters, and main branches of banks.

The ATMs are located in the downtown and suburb major shopping malls, most of which are open for 24 hours. The accumulative foreign currency withdrawn with the China Unionpay debit card from the ATMs can’t exceed the limit which is the equivalent of 10,000 RMB per day.

8.5 Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard and CUP cards are all in common use in France. Most of the ATMs in France only recognize the credit cards and debit cards with chips.

8.6 Electricity and Water Supply


The power supply in France is 230 volts, 50 hertz. Two-pronged plugs are used. Tap water is drinkable.

8.7 Postal Service

Post offices generally open from 08:00 am to 19:00 pm.

8.8 Tipping

Tipping is customary for restaurant waiters or taxi drivers in France.

8.9 Useful Telephone Numbers

Police: 17           Fire alarm: 18

First aid: 15         European emergency call: 112

8.10 Mobile Phone Information

Public phone booths are generally set in public places in French cities and the special prepaid phone card is required to use the public phone. The phone cards can be bought at post offices, tobacconists, train stations or subway stations in Paris. In addition, the prepaid card for international long distance call can also be purchased in those places, which is usually relatively cheap.

The mobile phone user can open the international roaming in advance or rent mobile phones at mobile phone shops.

8.11 Smoking

Smoking is banned in all public places in France, like shops, supermarkets, public toilets, libraries, airports, hotels and restaurants. There are obvious non-smoking signs in all public areas and smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.


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