B20 2016 Host Committee, B20 Coalition holding Special Workshop in Paris

Updated: 2016-06-30

The B20 2016 Host Committee and the B20 Coalition held a Special Workshop in Paris on June 1. 


Yu Ping, Vice Chair and Sherpa of B20 China Host Committee, briefed attendees on the latest preparation for the upcoming B20 China, preliminary policy recommendations and advocacy plan.  

The meeting gathered leaders and representatives from The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the French Business Federation, the Confederation of Indian Industry, the National Confederation of Industry of Brazil, the Industrial Union Argentina, the Confederation of Italian Industry, the Turkey Industry and Business Association and the Federation of German Industries. 

Discussions were held on the drafting of the B20 policy paper and related advocacy plan, and on issues concerning preparation for the B20 Summit. 

The B20 Coalition brings together 15 business associations from G20 members and advocates on behalf of about 6.8 million companies.  

Perrin Beatty, Chair of the B20 Coalition and also President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said his organization will continue to assist China in hosting the B20, encourage relevant companies to participate in B20’s taskforces, and help publicize its policies through the coalition’s networks. 

Sun Xiao, Policy Director of the B20 2016 Host Committee, Chang Yun, assistant to Sherpa of the B20 2016 Host Committee attended the workshop.