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Trade and investment, which are closely linked to the creation of business value and innovation, are important sources of economic growth and job creation. They have always been two of the major topics of both B20 and G20. Building on the success of past B20s, B20 China will focus on global investment, the trade governance system, and implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), among other matters of concern to the business community. Please contact b20_TradeAndInvestment@ccpit.org

Taskforce Structure


Frank NING, Chairman, Sinochem Group


LI Jianhong, Chairman, China Merchants Group

Andrew N. LIVERIS, Chairman & CEO, The Dow Chemical Company

Jamal J. MALAIKAH, President & Chief Operating Officer, National Petrochemical Industrial Company

Harold MCGRAW III, Chairman Emeritus, S&P Global

TONG Fuyao, Senior Vice President, Lenovo, and President, Lenovo China

Knowledge Partner: The Boston Consulting Group

Network Partner: The International Chamber of Commerce, World Economic Forum