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SMEs are vital sources of productivity and innovation, and therefore, of economic growth and job creation. Since global economic growth is weak and investor confidence is low, the G20 governments and business communities highly values the development of SMEs. B20 China will continue to focus on the priorities identified by the previous B20 taskforces such as SME financing, access to global value chains, and innovative ways to boost the development of SMEs. Please contact b20_SMEdevelopment@ccpit.org

Taskforce Structure


Jack MA, Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group


Mary ANDRINGA, Chair of the Board, Vermeer Corporation

Jonathan K. S. CHOI, Chairman, Sunwah Group

Göktekin DINÇERLER, Director, Turkven Private Equity

Sunil Bharti MITTAL, Chairman & CEO, Bharti Enterprises

Pierre NANTERME, Chairman & CEO, Accenture PLC

Diane WANG, Founder & CEO, DHgate.com

Knowledge Partner: Accenture

Network Partner: World SME Forum